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TOSCO: The Alpha Series - Now On Indiegogo

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


LaWaughn Miller at Redd Robot sends word of a fundraiser DIY Art Toy created by Yahid Rodriguez (who also created the shape for Mimobots) - currently on crowd-sourcing platform Indiegogo.

For this project there will be 9 designs - with 4 designs shown below, while the remaining 5 will be released as the project moves forward. Each figure stands 9 inch tall, and is limited to 300 pieces. THey are as well offering a limited all white 9 inch tall DIY figure as one of the incentives. Am loving this lovable-looking lumbering-lug! Reminds me of a classic cartoon character!

Check out the designs from (L-R-clockwise): Sket One, Bytedust, MIMIC and Yahid Rodriguez!

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