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The Takeover: Art Basel HYPE!

Monday, November 29, 2010
We're looking forward to seeing Josh Taylor's install at Art Basel. The piece will be based off of an excerpt of his comic Blood on the Stones which is:

[...] a metaphysical horror/action series that chronicles the spiritual pitfalls endured throughout
the many lives of Samurai Makabe Terumoto.  Into the depths of harrowing spiritual forests,
Makabe pursues a diabolical force as he strives to rescue his beloved Ayame from certain death
and to elude a fate he cannot escape.  When Makabe chooses to self-expire upon learning of his
soul-mate’s demise, he awakens to a nightmarish hell far more malevolent than he could imagine.  
As he combats unseen enemies and gruesome hallucinations whilst traversing the labyrinthine
passages of his consciousness, he comes to discover that in each of his innumerable lifetimes 
he has been responsible for the death of a person he had loved.  With the assistance of a divinely
 appointed spiritual guide, August Coreserite, Makabe is charged with the task of retracing his
past lives to intervene and save those souls he has forever damned.

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