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Jim Mahfood- Unfadeable


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mixed media

34" x 22.5" framed

Jim Mahfood- Unfadeable

Jim Mahfood aka Food One is an illustrator/comic book artist/muralist/live art rocker residing in LA. He is the creator of the art style known as Visual Funk: a hybrid mix of comix art, graffiti, manga, street art, and funk culture. Jim single-handedly introduced Live Art to the American comic book scene. Food has worked for every major comic book publisher and his list of comics credits include Clerks (with filmmaker Kevin Smith), Grrl Scouts, Stupid Comics, Felt, Bad Ideas, various Spider-Man books for Marvel, One Page Filler Man, Kick Drum Comix, Carl -The Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches, and more. His illustrations have appeared in magazines like Playboy, MAD Magazine, Star Wars Gamer, URB, BadAzz Mofo, BPM, the Hollywood Reporter, and so on. His freelance clients include Colt 45 (he did their entire ad campaign in 2007-08), Armani, View Askew, MTV, Okay Player, Rhymesayers, Hollywood Records, Disney, Cartoon Network, Phoenix New Times, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Bongo Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, Ubiquity Records, Def Jux, and more. He's painted murals in such locations as the Spike TV building, Munky King toys,, and the Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central. Jim's crew, the Pervert Train (featuring fellow members Love Ablan and Akirophoto) are busily working on over the top photo shoots featuring lovely, body-painted girls.

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