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Cherry Blast 2014

Saturday, March 29th, from 7pm - Midnight


2014 Cherry Blast
Cherry Blossom Inspired Group Art Exhibit
and a Full Night of Musical Performances

Cherry Blossom Inspired art, 3 Bands, 3 DJ's and a night not to be forgotten!



The sixth annual Cherry Blast: Art + Music Dance Party is Saturday, March 29 from 7:00pm-midnight at BLIND WHINO: SW Arts Club, a dedicated art space in Southwest Washington, DC (734 1st Street, SW). Blind Whino, formerly a church, is now a contemporary dedicated art space - the perfect setting for this multimedia, multisensory event. The National Cherry Blossom Festival partners with Art Whino for visual programming throughout the night. Art Whino curates a massive group art show featuring over 300 cherry blossom-inspired pieces, all available for purchase. A special Washington Project for the Arts exhibit showcases work inspired by the Festival. The microWave projectcurates 3-D art installations artists throughout the space. Performance artists, bands, and DJs keep the party going into the night. 

Saturday, March 29th, from 7pm - Midnight

Lounge Area Music Schedule
7-9:30pm DJ Native Sun
9:30-Mid  DJ Ayescold

Main Performance Space Music Schedule

 7-8pm    Congo Sanchez (DJ Set)
 8-9pm    Congo Sanchez
 9-10pm  Honest Haloway
10-11pm Congo Sanchez
11-Mid    Nappy Riddem

734 1st St SW Washington, DC 22024


Tickets are $15 in advance for this 21-and-over event, and $20 at the door.
The event annually sells out every year so get em before its too late!
Tickets on sale now at HERE

Exhibit Hours:
After the reception the art exhibit will on display Sundays 11am-4pm April 6th - April 20th

Show end date: April 20th,  2014


About our Partners:

The National Cherry Blossom Festival


The National Cherry Blossom Festival is the nation's greatest springtime celebration. The 2014 Festival, March 20 - April 13, includes three spectacular weeks and four weekends of events featuring diverse and creative programming promoting traditional and contemporary arts and culture, natural beauty, and community spirit. The 2014 Festival commemorates the 102nd anniversary of the gift of the cherry blossom trees and the enduring friendship between the United States and Japan.


Washington Project for the Arts

 Washington Project for the Arts serves as a catalyst for contemporary art.  We support artists at all stages of their careers and promote contemporary art by presenting exhibitions, issues, and ideas that stimulate public dialogue on art and culture.




microWave project

microWave project acts a conduit between artists and groups/businesses to provide space for temporary, pop-up, "micro" galleries. Their mission is to help promote these artists and educate the community by exploring alternative venues for emerging & established artists with an emphasis on site-specific installation art. microWave project was created and founded in 2010 by Mary Cook and Allison Nance. 


About the Music

Congo Sanchez
Still red hot from a rip-roaring 2013, Congo Sanchez hits the ground running this year, spreading his brand of hypnotic grooves from coast to coast. Recently you have seen him drumming for electronic music icons Thievery Corporation,Spinning DJ sets at ESPN's X Games, or curating sound for the Alexander Mijares Art Opening at Hoodlab San Fransisco. Congo has also been a D.C. mainstay as the drummer for See-I, and the ever popular 18th st. Lounge Reggae Night. Not to mention that the Congo Sanchez Live show has yet to leave an audience member void of perspiration. When he takes it to the stage, Congo features rapper/MC Flex Mathews, as well as vocalist Haile Supreme . The trio bring an energy that is unrivaled with their blend of Electronic, World, Hip Hop and Reggae. Congo, Flex, and Haile, have recently finished their second tour, where they played in markets from Portsmouth NH, to Portland OR, with 20 shows over the course of 4 weeks.  Now back in the lab, Congo is putting together new material with the fellas and is gearing up for another big run this fall, following the release of his next project. You can catch Congo's DJ set every Friday at Tropicalia DC where he co-curates the Pura Vibra Fridays alongside his partner DJ Castro.

Nappy Riddem
Nappy Riddem brings the familiar rhythms of reggae, hip hop and the Caribbean to new levels of soul, traversing the soundscape with songs of freedom, tribulation, love and happiness. Founded in 2009 by well known vocalist Mustafa Akbar and DJ Rex Riddem, they released thier first album "One World Sovereinty" on the Fort Knox Recordings label in 2011. The debut album received international radio acclaim, was featured by High Times and Okay Player and has been remixed by some of the hottest producers. Nappy Riddem is a global project and influences can be heard from their backgrounds in Trinidad, Brazil, South Africa, and Europe.  All of the members met in Washington, DC and their love for Chocolate City funk is what ties it all together.  Nappy Riddem forged their sound in the middle of DC’s vibrant live music scene, playing shows, touring and collaborating with Fort Knox Five and Thunderball.  Members of Nappy Riddem can be regularly found performing with Thievery Corporation, See-I, Asheru, Funk Ark and Congo Sanchez, among others.

Honest Haloway
Honest Haloway is a band created by D.C.-based songwriter Tim Kratzer; whose unique and provocative sound was developed years before the inception of the first EP, The Towns. The feel of the music evokes a fast paced night filled with reverie and intrigue. The songs quickly unravel to showcase Kratzer’s haunting vocals, fused with layers of synth textures and nostalgic melodies. His muted tones gradually build and evolve into memorable intervals, creating visceral tracks that retain an ethereal, moody and, at times, a seductive atmosphere. It’s bedroom indie electronica at its prime. As he breathes life into these five powerful songs, it’s apparent that the artist behind the scenes has a refined ear for arrangement. Honest Haloway’s debut made an impression as striking electro-pop, elevating the aesthetic dimension of sounds to leave you wanting more.  The trio has played every major DC venue, headlined Fete De La Musique, Cherry Blast 2013, and opened for Porcelain Raft, Spirit Animal, and Dinosaur Bones. Their single off the new EP "Perigee" (Summer 2014), titled "Eyes on me," is being remixed by the popular DC DJ Caleb L'Etoile. 

DJ AYESCOLD emerged in the D.C. music scene six months ago, and since then hasn't looked back. AYESCOLD believes in mixing (to the point of science) and focuses on the power of emerging artists in her music. Experiences from a very transient childhood in India inspire her to curate beats that are global, experimental, and future-forward.  AYESCOLD has played at DIY art-spaces like 2B Artist Studios, Deep Space Arts and the Lamont Street Collective, and commercial night spots like Tropicalia and Bistro Bohem. She often collaborates with innovative local projects, artists, movements, and spaces of self-expression.



DJ NativeSun
DJ NativeSun is a DC Native who comes from a family of DJ's. He has been DJing in this area for the last two years. Co-founder of the Future R&Bass collective. His latest mix BassForBreakfast has been featured on blogs globally. Constantly surprising his listeners with a wide range of eclectic bass heavy tunes. Always digging for that perfect new sound to get the people moving. You can find him throughout DC in different locations monthly such as Tropicalia and The Dunes.  







Participating Artists in Art Whino Group Show

Aaron Kraten
Adrian Viajero Roman
Akira Beard
Allison Torneros
Angry Woebots
Aniekan Udofia
Bagger 43
Brendan Tierney
Brian Robertson
Chris Bishop
Chris Sheridan
Clog Two
Craig Skibs Barker
Czr Prz
Damon Lucas
Daniel Fleres
Dave Lowell
Diana Cruz
Drew Storm Graham
El Estabo
Emma Overman
Fernando  Roman
Gene Guynn
Gigi Bio
Graham Franoise
Jacobe Benedetto
James Walker
Jared Davis
Jerk Face
Jim Doran
John Breiner
John Malloy
Joshua Lawyer
Juan Pineda
Kat Gun
Kevin "Double Down" Bednarz
Last Witness
Marie Barr
Mary Spring
Mas Paz
Mauricio Murillo
Mc Baldassari
Melanie Pruitt
Mr  Christopher
Nightmare Mikey
Patrick Haemmerlein
Paulo Arraiano ( YUP )
Pon Shop
Ron Zakrin
Rosina Teri Memolo
santos shelton
Shawn Why
star 27
Sylvia O
Terry Plater Jr
Thom Glick
Tim Rodgers
Tony Philippou
toobz noel
Ursula Xanthe Young
Walt Hall
William Nghiem

Participating Artists in WPA Group Show

Marc Robarge
Marie Gauthiez
Dalya Luttwak
Saya Benham
Alexandra Chiou
Rhys Conlon
Michelle Dickson
Elizabeth Holtry
Amy Boone-McCresh
Leslie Shellow
Joel D'Orazio
Radio Sebastian
Garth Fry

Participating Artists in microWave Project Installations

Kelly Obrien
Eric B
Lisa Schumaier
Erica Raby