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Oct 12th

Art Whino and the Army of Snipers team up to bring "Weapons of Mass Change" a traveling group show to benefit humanitarian missions around the world.  Bringing the eclectic mix of talented artists from the Army of Snipers and the driving force that is Art Whino, they come together to bring a 4 city tour of the who's who in the art world.  Each artist will be transforming weapons which once was used to oppress the masses and deconstructing, re-skinning  and transforming them as unique works of art in the vain of helping humanity.  The pieces ranging from handguns to armored vehicles will be sold with 20% of all art proceeds going to the "Sniper Campaigns" which are humanitarian missions throughout the world with the very own army of sniper members.  The first sniper campaign currently underway is  the Little Lotus Project in the Thai/Burma border and with the funds raised many more campaigns around the world to follow.  The traveling show will be begin in Richmond at the G40 show in April, San Diego Comic Con in July, New York Comic Con in October and Art Basel in December.  Each city stop will expand its arsenal of artists on exhibit to bring throughout the United States a relentless exhibit of amazing artists.



Weapons of Mass Change Show Schedule:


Richmond, VA

April 6th, 2012
G40 Art Summit


New York City, NY

October 12th, 2012
During New York Comic con



Miami, FL

During Art Basel Miami



Art Whino is a DC based art gallery whose mission is to bring together the pioneers and freshest talent from around the world. With over 1200 artists in the Art Whino arsenal, ranging from California to New York, Germany to Japan and beyond, Art Whino has become an all encompassing force in the art world. Exhibitions cover the whole spectrum of new art forms ranging from exposing emerging stencil and wheat pasting artists to showcasing the most skilled leaders of many different genres.



We are the Army of Snipers International, a crew of artists spanning the globe, picking our creative targets and hitting them without fail.

Started by Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin in 2009, AOS was originally a collective of top-tier artists that he had met through his various travels around the world.  As Woes invited more like-minded creatives to join his crew, the mission and purpose of the Snipers started to evolve as well.

Now with members spanning the globe from countries like the US, Singapore, Italy, Scotland, Cambodia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Malaysia and more, the collective goal is to bring our individual talents together, coalesce them into an unstoppable artistic force, and use it to spread art and do good works all over the world. 

The roster of artists committed to this goal bring a litany of skills to the table, from graffiti, to painting, to sculpture, filmmaking, to animation, to photography and beyond, so that no project is insurmountable for us to handle.

Whether we are painting 5 story buildings, making customized sculptures and toys, organizing humanitarian missions, helping companies find that creative vision or creating the next level of fashion and gear, there is only one goal in mind when it comes to hitting our creative targets:

One Shot. One Kill.  Never miss.  We are the Army of Snipers



Participating Artists

Adrian Viajero Roman (New York)

Child Machete + Adult Machete
clay and leather on WWII machete
$1,100 each
$2,000 as set

Adrian Roman is a mixed media artist focusing primarily on sculpture and drawing. His paths in life have been dedicated to the pursuit of simultaneously exposing himself to a wide range of learning experiences and cultures and sharing that information and knowledge with those he encounters. Exploring his search for identity and assimilation in the face of cultural differences and the impact it has in the reflection of a people. His work demonstrates that one's life is nothing more than a voyage of infinite possibilities. Through our travels, we stop briefly to meet, love and share encounters with one another; however precious, these moments are transient and serve as vessels to influence the lives of others.


Angry Woebots (California)

Army Of Snipers Leader


mixed media on artillery projectile

Purchase Here 


Aaron Martin was born on the island Oahu 1977, Hawaii. Most of his childhood was spent growing up and moving from Southern California to Nevada before finally landing back into Hawaii during his Junior year in high school. In 1999 a car accident changed everything; this life-threatening experience inspired him to leave the island once again, this time to Seattle, Washington. Inspired by the rain and being indoors, he started playing around with different art mediums again. He then left back to Hawaii with a new perspective, Aaron had his first show in 2002 and has not stopped. He has showed in galleries up and down California, the east coast, and even in shows that have traveled from the U.S. to Hong Kong. His focal medium is acrylic paintings on wood and canvas. Using minimal colors and detailed character design, these paintings are usually comprised of stressed out emotional pandas. The pandas tend to represent the story of struggle.


Brendan Tierney (California)

Getting Up
acrylic on riot shield

I was born in the magical land of New Jersey. Ever since my mother gave me my first set of crayons and then proceeded to cover her walls and furniture with imaginary creatures; I have been expressing myself with visual art of all sorts. From graffiti, to punk rock album covers, to fine art galleries, I have scrawled my way across the country. I started tattooing eight years ago, and love to do big, colorful, unique pieces that I sit down and design with each client until they know they can live with it for the rest of their lives.

Caia Koopman (California)


Bunny Grenade Sculpture: Please Don’t Explode
customized hand grenade

Purchase Here 

From the land of surf and sea, Caia Koopman has emerged as one of lowbrow’s preeminent female artists. With a well-rounded background from her years spent obtaining her BA in Fine arts from UC Santa Cruz, to her time spent in the skateboarding and snowboarding scenes, Caia’s environment has both molded and provided an eclectic background that makes her paintings come to life. With her fine detail for beauty, inclinations toward nature, and collectiveness of the female spirit, Caia has quickly become one of the quintessential artists fully encompassing the elegance, strengths, and vulnerabilities of femininity.




Fernando Frederick Roman (New York)

War Reseeded
 Roots of a plant, re-purposed brush, paper clay, paint, pine cones, moss, and a two Grenades.

Fernando Frederick Roman was born in 1969 in Brooklyn, NY.  He studied at and became a member of the Art Students League.  Fernando combines a variety of mediums in his sculptures- paint, recycled woods and clay, fallen branches, silk screened fabrics, photography, metals, stones, etc.  His work has been displayed in the New York Public Library and sold on the private market and in retail stores throughout New York and Florida.  Fernando has had many inspirations for his work throughout his life; however from early childhood his mother provided him with the most motivation behind his artistic abilities. She instilled a deep sense of appreciation for the art of life, its diversity, and how to find the beauty in every element.  He sees nature and life as an art form - from the clouds in the sky to the cracks on the ground.  Fernando's current work is an inspiration of organic elements.  He has taken his appreciation for the wonder and beauty of nature and replanted it into something new that can eternally live on.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind original.  His work includes clay and paint mediums with added elements of nature found through his travels of Europe, Latin America and the United states such as roots from a nonliving plants or fallen branches from a tree, seeds from exotic trees, semi precious stones for their healing properties, and rocks from the ground.  He has joined many of these elements into single artistic creations which can each be admired from very different perspectives. 


Graham Franciose (Texas)

 Ball and Chain Lamp
aged iron ball and chain

Relatable and honest, Graham's works are some of the most gentle, yet emotionally evocative works ever featured at Art Whino. His imaginative illustrative paintings are small in size and big on emotion, each depicting its own little narrative, often dreamily reminiscent, reaching deep into the human condition and showing us all little pieces of ourselves along the way. "A lot of my work deals with the quiet moments in a story, between the excitement and action where characters deal with internal conflicts, doubt, loneliness, wonder, apprehension. My work often comes across as sad and melancholy, but there is always a sense of hope that I am trying to portray." Graham Franciose graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Hartford Art School in 2005. He has exhibited his work for the last five years across the United States and has been published in various art publications and children's educational books. When he is not painting he is probably riding his skateboard, rolling skeeballs, spending time with his girlfriend, or wishing he was doing any of those things.

Hugh Lee Man (California)

Blinded by the Beauty of Power
oil paint and 24karat gold leaf on flintlock pistol knife
Purchase Here

Hugh Leeman is a self taught, San Francisco based artist. His gallery work has been exhibited in New York, San Francisco and at The Museum of Mexico City. Recognized for his gallery portraiture which captures in raw emotion the lives of his subjects whom he meets on the inner city streets, though best known for his street art which has adorned walls from Varanasi, India to Indiana and from New York, London, and the divided Palestinian Territories to Bogota, Colombia. Most recently Leeman created the first ever MLK mural overlooking his historic birth house. His subjects, often marginalized by society, are recast into potentially heroic roles before being pasted all over the world. His street art has additionally evolved into the "t-shirt project" in which he gives back to his subjects by printing his art onto shirts which they sell and keep 100% of the profits from.

J★RYU (North Carolina)
Army Of Snipers Member

 Hello, I Kill You
customized samurai sword

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 J★RYU, AKA the Purdy Supremacy, is an east coast-based designer/sculptor/artist focused primarily on exploring the themes of life and death and more intriguingly, what lies beyond. Primarily recognized for his signature Forest of Sorrows series, with its emotive, eerie and ghostly themes, J★RYU has garnered an avid fanbase of fans who eagerly look forward to seeing each subsequent new piece and how the accompanying narratives add to the ongoing story.  In his career, J★RYU has worked on projects for clients such as Marvel  Ent., Sony Ericsson, Wonderbra, AT&T, NCAA Final Four, Columbia Pictures, TOPPS, Mia Hamm, Michael Crichton, IBM, Slim Jim and more and has shown in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, New York, Nebraska, Washington DC and Miami. He is a proud member of the world famous Army of Snipers as well as TEAM PIKA and OLS crews.


 James Walker (Virginia)



mixed media


…..I never made a conscious decision to become an artist, it’s something I’ve always done for as long as I can remember. I take pictures and draw and paint and collage debris and objects as intuitively as possible and I’ve never specialized in anything except making the best art that I can. Real artists don’t have a choice about making art, it’s simply a matter of satisfying an insatiable urgency to create…..


Jeremiah Ketner (Illinois)


customized samurai sword

 Purchase Here

Jeremiah Ketner's paintings are instantly recognizable amongst his contemporaries in the pop surrealism movement. His early work, characterized by mischievous sprites and whimsical patterns, has evolved into lush, richly colored environments inhabited by a cast of pensive, dreamy young women. Each character presents a unique brand of beauty, created entirely within Jeremiah's imagination and painted completely from memory.  Jeremiah's pop culture-inspired style and unconventional creations have a traditional foundation. With his family's encouragement, he began formal art studies at the age of 12. He holds a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and an MFA from Southern Illinois University. Jeremiah's paintings and toys have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in more than 50 galleries across North America, and he's acquired a strong international following through his dedication to the Internet and social media.


Jim Mahfood aka Food One (California)

Kiss The Machine Gun
Normandy Lion Shield

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Jim Mahfood aka Food One is a freelance artist working professionally in the fields of illustration, advertising, comic books, murals, fine art, animation, live art in nightclubs, and custom body-painting. He has worked for every major comic book company and his illustrations have appeared in such publications as Playboy, Spin, Spectrum Illustration Annual, Star Wars Gamer, URB, the Hollywood Reporter, BPM, the Phoenix New Times, Mad Magazine, Heavy Metal, and more. Highlights of his career include illustrating director Kevin Smith's "Clerks" comics, handling the art chores on the entire ad campaign for Colt 45 malt liquor in 2007-08, painting the murals on Comedy Central's "Sarah Silverman Show", illustrating the "Kickpuncher" comic book that was included in the Season 1 DVD of NBC's hit show, "Community", illustrating and art directing reggae legend Ziggy Marley's "MarijuanaMan" project, and providing custom car art for Nissan's new "Juke" Artist Series. His current project is illustrating the new Tank Girl graphic novel, due out in 2012.

Joe Iurato (New Jersey)


Settle Down
stencil on riot shield

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Once upon a time Joe Iurato worked as a magazine editor in NYC, where he’d escape into the streets of SoHo during lunch break to explore the art and occasionally contribute some of his own. At the time, stenciling was more of an obsession than a passion. Like every other moment in Joe’s life when his desire to create art was challenged by a strong, "responsible" work ethic, the latter prevailed. But as fate would have it, the two worlds collided after Joe was laid off last year. While the economy fell to pieces and decent jobs were scarce to come by, Joe used every bit of his free time to let his art out and grow creatively. He now applies that same work ethic into developing his craft. While he’s usually found in his garage painting on reclaimed cabinet doors and scrap pieces of wood, he also enjoys painting in the street, where his work is tagged with the name :01. He doesn’t use it as a means to hide his identity – it serves as a reminder to him, and he hopes as a message to others, that it only takes one single second to decide you’re going to move forward, regardless of circumstance or struggle, and never look back.


Josh Taylor (California)


On the Fifty-Seventh day of the Sixth Month of the Twelfth year,Maggie witnessed the fall of the ancient imperial structures and knew a new age was about to dawn

acrylic, ink and collage on riot helmet

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JOSHUA TAYLOR was born in New Jersey and continued his downward trajectory in hellish locales in up-state New York and North Carolina before honing his art skills at Pratt Institute. Upon earning his degree, he traversed the country, from California to Vermont, pursuing his art career. His fine art has appeared in galleries in LA, NY, Europe, and the Philippines, and has also been featured in various publications worldwide. Taylor's current body of work focuses on the history, myths and legends of his "Gastonian Multiverse", an odd ancient doppleganger reality where the laws of physics and the very fabric of time and space are falling apart at the seams. He currently resides in Baltimore where he paints, pays for parking, and works on a series of graphic novels and web comics entitled Bird & Girl.



Born and raised on the streets of New York City, kaNO now makes a living as an illustrator, designer and animation artist.  From the silver screen to billboards and even on to toy shelves across the world. kaNO is a jack of all trades.With up to 10 years of experience as a commercial artist, he now focuses on creating urban content for his company kaNO kid, LLC. His clients include: ASPCA, Nike, Jordan, Upper Deck, Disney and Hasbro to name a few.



Mathew Curran (North Carolina)
Army Of Snipers Member

Trained To Speak
stencil on riot shield

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 Mathew Curran received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art and Design at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Curran is best known for his elaborate and large scale stencil work. He sites street art and graffiti from around the world as major influences. Recent gallery shows include NCNC at SECCA in Winston Salem, North Carolina;Divergence at North Art Space in Jakarta, Indonesia and Fat Cap Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a mural currently on view at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, North Carolina and Gallery AM in St. Louis, Missouri.





customized helmet

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Initially recognized for his multi-layer street stencils and posters, Meggs has become a well respected member of Australia's street art culture. With a background of graffiti, skateboarding, heavy metal and graphic design Meggs has developed his painting skills from street to galleries with a mixture of aerosol based character work and stencil based expressive canvases. Being a member of the renowned 'Everfresh' studio, a unique collective/studio space in Melbourne, has helped Meggs to develop skills in aerosol painting and screen printing and participate in numerous large scale solo and collective Everfresh mural works. He has recently applied his design knowledge to the art direction and production of the Everfresh:Blackbook, a 256 page book, documenting the life and works of the Everfresh artists from 2004-2010.


Scribe (Missouri)

Army Of Snipers Member


Rumpus Plunger Guy
Old West Replica 1881 Street Howitzer Non-Firing Gun


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Donald Ross also known as “scribe” is 36 years old and currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri of the United States. The animated, public murals by Scribe are readily recognizable in Midtown Kansas City and throughout different part of the United States, Canada and down into Mexico where he has both painted murals and had gallery shows. Scribe incorporates a menagerie of animal characters developed over many years representing a particular, self-referential trait that he inserts in various scenarios. Scribe intersperses personal iconography, biblical and fairytale references, animation and metaphor in works intended as contemporary parables for public audiences, hence the use of his artist name and persona. Through accessible idiom and image, Scribe incorporates humor and play in the conveyance of serious messages regarding personal integrity, attainment of knowledge, and adventure.



Sket-One (California)





customized airsot machine gun



Purchase Here

SKET-ONE is a visual artist with an old school urban background. A Connecticut based graffiti artist and founder of the Bode Jam, Sket One, has designed toys for such toymaker heavyweights as Kaching Brands, MINDstyle, Kidrobot, Wheaty Wheat, Red Magic, Circus Punks, and more.

Skinner (California)

 Friendship Trophy
mixed media

Purchase Here 

Skinner is a self-taught artist from Sacramento, California who has meticulously crafted a balance of extraordinary mural work, mighty powerful wall to wall installations and a prolific commercial career. Influenced by 80's pop culture, human struggle, myths and violence dungeons and dragons and the heavy metal gods, Skinner's mind is one full of mayhem fueled by a calculated chaos. His work has been shown all over the Universe at places like the museum of graphic design in Breta, Netherlands, Japan, Illustrative festival in Berlin, Germany, France and the states from LA to New York and in between…recently participating in the epic suggestivism show at the Grand Central Arts Center. His most recent solo exhibit entitled The Fear You May Know reigned at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco in the summer of 2010. Skinner's work has made known in various publications including Blisss, Juxtapoz, Hi Fructose and Beautiful/Decay.


 Tatiana Suarez (New York)



 Caiubi & Boyrá
oil on machetes


Tatiana Suarez (b. 1983) is a Brooklyn-based Miami native. Her charming style is distinctive -- first, the trademark eyes that draw the viewer into a beautiful and surreal world. Suarez takes full advantage of the oil paint's ability to create creamy, soft images on canvas. Rich with symbols that stem from her Brazilian and El Salvadorian heritage, subjects appear as if they are under water, frozen in lovely stillness. The doe-eyed figures look childlike, but also exude sexual overtones, ornamented with plants, insects and other unsettling accompaniments. Beauty is presented concurrently with exotic -- even creepy -- creatures to create enchanted narratives.


They (Malaysia)

Army Of Snipers Member


THEY (b.1982) Graffiti Artist has been active in graffiti scene in Malaysia since 1999.  The crew member of international Crew- AOS ( Army Of Snipers) He actively collaborates in locally and international Graffiti shows, Art Exhibition and Art Tour Project. He has painted a gigantic artwork for Malaysia Pavilion rooftop project for Shanghai World Expo 2010 in China and his mural and painting artwork is permanent collection of National Visual Art Gallery.



Tim Maclean (Scotland)


 The Transformation of Arms
acrylic on machete

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Tim Maclean is an artist from the Highlands of Scotland. He creates surreal paintings which explore the mystery of consciousness and how it is shaped by language and culture. Focus is placed upon our everyday conceptions of the mind, along with past and present discoveries in psychology and neuroscience and how we engage with these to better understand ourselves. The otherworldly environments of Tim’s paintings are populated with characters and figures inspired by the ages of history, pop culture and myth, among others and his own unique imagination supplies the rest.


Ursula Xanthe Young (California)


Peace, Doves and Poppies
acrylic on WWI Helmet

Purchase Here 


Over the past fourteen years Illustrator, Painter and Designer Ursula Xanthe Young has become known for her unique flowery urban fairytale illustrations. Graduate of Parsons School of Design (Illustration, BFA, New York 1996) Ursula exhibits frequently in the bay area and has sold paintings in New York, London, Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong and all across the U.S. Ursula finds inspiration in the organic yet urban landscape of San Francisco and its surrounds; the crossed wires, victorian buildings and fog-filled horizons, that are oft backdrop to her brightly painted doe-eyed flower girls. She is also highly influenced by her frequent travels to the far-flung reaches of the globe and the variety of colorful characters that she encounters - both real and imagined - along the way. Due to her love of electronic music since the early 90’s, and the culture that surrounds it, Ursula’s art can be seen on CD & record covers of dance music labels including Om records, Safe In Sound Music, Loveslap recordings, 2 Block Radius & Panhandle records. Along with murals, apparel & club flyers, her art can be spotted in magazines & ipod covers and in boutiques across the city of San Francisco and beyond. Originating from the green rural dales of Northern England, Ursula has spent much of her time since then traveling and has studied art in New York City, Florence, Vermont, Oslo, and London. After ten years making her mark in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, she recently relocated to the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California - this time to a remote spot in the forest - where she’s busy finding a whole host of new inspirations.