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Upcoming Show

we are all DOOMed

Group Art Exhibit with MF DOOM Inspired Artwork, MC Ciphering and MF Doom Cover songs by local MC's

Event Date Saturday April 25th, 8pm-Midnight

Art Whino presents “We’re all DOOMed” a group art show with artwork inspired by MF DOOM.  MF DOOM is engraved in psyche of many artists, with a career that spans over 26 years and a relentless push for creativity with each album.  It's this creativity with references from comic books, freestyle, and instrumentals second to none that a vast pool for artists will to pay homage to in their artwork.  With a vast lineup of worldwide artists there will a diverse array of work presented in the exhibit. To continue the theme we will have a MC Ciphering as well at live performance of MF DOOM Cover songs by top MC's such as DC's Own Flex Mathews ...READ MORE

Upcoming Show

El Mundo De Los Luchadores

Live Mexican Wrestling, Live Music, Mexican Street Food, Luchadore Inspired Live Painting

Event Date Saturday May 2nd, 2-7pm

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year by watching live lucha libre (Mexican professional wrestling). Lucha libre is a battle between good and evil.  In lucha libre slang a “tecnico” is a good guy and a fan favorite and a “rudo” is a bad guy and will do anything to win. Lucha libre has been a Mexican tradition for over 80 years.  On Saturday, May 2nd, come see the glimmer of their colorful masks as wrestlers spin through the ring; smell the traditional Mexican street food; and dance to the beat of live music when you attend el Mundo de Los Luchadores -- the world of Mexican pro wrestling -- presented by Art Whino. Head to Navy Yard on Saturday, May 2nd for a full day of excitement, including a Luchador inspired live painting, Mexican pop music, and more. This is an all ages, family friendly event! ...READ MORE


Current Show


Cherry Blast 2015

Cherry Blossom Inspired Group Art Exhibit

Last day of the exhibit is Sunday the 19th 11-4pm.

The seventh annual Cherry Blast: Art + Music Dance Party is Friday, March 27 from 7:00pm-midnight at BLIND WHINO: SW Arts Club, a dedicated art space in Southwest Washington, DC (700 Delaware ave, SW). Blind Whino, formerly a church, is now a contemporary dedicated art space - the perfect setting for this multimedia, multisensory event. The National Cherry Blossom Festival ...READ MORE

Current Exhibit


2 Man show featuring James Walker and James Bullough focusing on bodies in motion through abstracted studies of Urban Culture

Special Exhibit at Mosaic in Fairfax, VA

Art Whino curates a special two man exhibit featuring James Walker and James Bullough focusing on body in motion through Abstract/Geometrical studies of Skateboarders and Breakdancers.  As the first part of a two part series Art Whino will be bringing its arsenal of artists to the new Mosaic District in Merrifield, VA.  As part of Mosaic District mission of combining a curated mix of unique retail, restaurant & entertainment experience this exhibit is to introduce patrons to a another dimension of art culture.  The exhibit will be prese ...READ MORE

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 Fourth issue is out now!!! WHINO Magazine can be purchased online and at the gallery. Only $5 an issue!